grand «grand», adjective, noun.
1. large and of fine appearance: »

grand mountains.

SYNONYM(S): great, lofty.
2. of very high or noble quality; dignified; stately; splendid: »

a very grand palace, grand music, a grand old man. In what used to be called the grand style, at once noble and natural (James Russell Lowell).

3. highest or very high in rank; chief: »

a grand jury, grand duke, grand marshal.

4. great; important; main: »

the grand staircase. Sin and Death, the two grand foes (Milton). No grand idea was ever born in a conference, but a lot of foolish ideas have died there (F. Scott Fitzgerald).

5. complete; comprehensive: »

a grand total.

6. Informal. very satisfactory; very pleasing: »

to have a grand time, grand weather.

7. (in names of relationship) in the second degree of ascent or descent: »

a grandmother, grandson.

8. Music. a) for a full orchestra or a large vocal ensemble. b) (of a composition) large or extensive in form: »

a grand sonata.

1. Slang. a thousand dollars: »

D'you think I'd pay a hundred grand for protection if it wasn't worth it? (Eric Linklater).

2. = grand piano. (Cf.grand piano)
[< Old French grant, or grand < Latin grandis big]
grand´ly, adverb.
grand´ness, noun.
Synonym Study adjective. 2 Grand, stately, noble mean great, dignified, and impressive. Grand implies imposing magnitude and splendor: »

Milton's grand style.

Stately emphasizes dignity and impressiveness: »

a stately Spanish galleon, the stately rhythm of processional music.

Noble emphasizes lofty grandeur: »

The Statue of Liberty is a noble sight.

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